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Matt Kent Photography

photography - Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire performing under the psuedonym The Reflecktors at the Roundhouse on November 11 2013. Another show with no so great lighting and, even worse, amateur hour in the pit, particularly from the photographer shooting for NME. Arcade Fire were promoting their new album and palyed a couple of shows in London under an assumed name. The band was great but lighting wasn't so. At one stage I had Win, the lead singer bending over tapping my lens but the lighting on him was non existant - the blue shot below was from that. I don't know if Win took a shinme to me but at one stage he took my camera off me to photograph the crowd (but all he managed to do was switch it least he didn't format the crowd. I had a couple of shots in The Times and FT, the one below where Win is leaning into the audience. You can see in front another photographer with a flash on her camera and a mask on her head who obviously doesn't understand that there is an etiquette in the pit. She just jumped in front of three or four of us taking that shot and stood on the barrier, ruining it for other photographers (which just isn't done). Hope not to bump into her again soon...

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