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Matt Kent Photography


A bit of background, in a nutshell, about me and how I've ended up here. At a tender young age I saw The Who perform at The Oval in South East London in Sept 1971. That changed me. I became a big Who fan and, leaping forward a few decades, was one of the organisers of the first UK Who convention in 1995. As a result of that I founded the Who fan club magazine, Naked Eye, which gave me a literary outlet. Looking back on it now it was pretty basic but at the time it seemed to be the right publication for the right time and tied in, almost coincidentally, with the first issue, was the announcement of the Who Quadrophenia reunion. Around that time myself and my good friend Andy Neill talked about writing a definitive Who book. That finally saw the light of day in 2002. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere sold really well and was reissued in October 2005, with a further smaller paperback version released in the U.K by Virgin in June 2007. My second book on the band 'The Who Revealed', was published by Flametree in Nov 2010.

In 1998 I was asked by Pete Townshend of The Who to run his websites. A job I did until June 2006. In that time I discovered photography. Decided that I liked it and wanted to do more, which I've been lucky enough to be able to do. This site highlights some of the things I've done so far and hopefully there'll be a lot more to come.

The site has been up and running since August 2006 and since that time the photography element of my life has really taken off and I have shot many bands. I'm always interested in music, particularly new bands and so if you're interested in a shoot please get in touch via the contact link on the left. Music isn't my only interest though, as you'll see from the site content and so if you have any ideas for an interesting shoot, again let me know.

My photos have been used now in many national newspapers and international magazines, as well as on DVD's and in CD's. I'm going to start adding scans of publications soon.

I'm really pleased with the response to the site and I'd like to thank everyone for dropping by and if you've been here more than once - double thanks! If anyone is interested in prints of any particular shoot I've done please get in touch and I'll arrange something.